The Veterans and Active Duty

Within the U.S. military, the need for available mental health providers has rarely been greater.Quality mental health care for the military has diminished as budgets have tightened and demand has outpaced on-location supply. The shortage of military therapists has resulted in long waiting lists, and worse, countless untreated service members.


Access to Therapy Network (ATTN) makes it much easier and more convenient for members of the military and their families to receive mental health care. Using high quality video conferencing technology, we connect with clients wherever they have access to a computer and webcam, whether they are in the U.S. or overseas, or anywhere in between.



Specialized Services: ATTN providers include specialists who know and understand the magnitude of military stressors. We are trained to help clients cope with problems experienced in the context of the demands placed on them within military culture, and with challenges of deployment and of returning to civilian life.


Uninterrupted Care: By connecting via video conference, clients and providers do not have to be in the same place for the delivery of high quality care. Whether moving from base to base, returning from active duty overseas, or changing locations for any other reason, mental health care need not be interrupted. Clients have continuity of care with ATTN.


Immediate Treatment: Many mental health problems that military members face simply cannot withstand delays in treatment. Urgent or debilitating mental health problems can compromise work, relationships, and other facets of life. ATTN can treat clients immediately, any time of day or night, with the frequency that works best..


Privacy Protection: Our services are discrete and private. We remove the stigma sometimes associated with receiving psychological services, and the stress of maintaining your secret.


For the Entire Family: ATTN is available to all family members of military personnel who may be struggling with mental health problems.


Broad Selection: Provider choice is not limited to the mental health care specialists at a particular medical facility. Clients can select from among a comprehensive list of ATTN providers, including specialists in psychological problems specific to service members.


Peace of Mind: Whether short-term counseling or long-term therapy is needed, ATTN can be a stabilizing factor in a client's life. We remove the threat of deteriorating mental health due to lack of treatment.