Selecting a Provider

When you select a therapist, you are making an important decision. You are asking someone for help where you may be most vulnerable, and entrusting that person with some of your most private and confidential matters.  For this reason, it is wise to put care and thought into how you choose a therapist.


As you review our providers’ full profiles, consider training and experience, specializations, accepted insurance plans, and approaches to treatment.  Call or email the provider with any questions to make sure you are comfortable with that person.  Keep in mind that the first step to effective treatment is finding a therapist who is a good fit for you and your needs.


We created three categories of providers representing a broad selection of wellness professionals capable of delivering high level of quality of life services.

Category I - Licensed therapists, all our therapists are licensed and board certified psychologists, psychotherapists, marriage & family therapists, and social workers in private practice with years of experience. ATTN negotiated discounted fees from their usual in-office fees in order to participate in our directory.

Category II - Specialists, our specialists consist of certified professionals providing counseling and advice in variety of quality of life areas. Life coaching, business coaching, newborn care, substance abuse, addiction, pain management, and divorce mediation.

Category III - Psych Interns, All our Interns are registered as Psych Interns with the board of Behavioral Science. Interns have completed their degree in their field and are practicing towards their license. We included Interns to provide low fee counseling to those who cannot afford the full fee of a licensed therapist. All Interns are supervised by a licensed therapist as required by the Board of Behavioral Science. Interns fees are fixed not to exceed $50 per session.


To insure high quality of service, all the providers on our directory have been selected after going through an extensive background check and training.