People on the go 

Busy people everywhere - executives, lawyers, entertainers, parents of young children, students and many others - share a common challenge: their hectic or unpredictable schedules make it difficult to reserve time for health care appointments. When treatment involves multiple appointments at a specific medical facility, with travel time and waiting room delays, the challenge is compounded. 

Within the field of mental health, many people simply forego the treatment they need or desire, because their busy lives preclude a commitment to attend regular therapy or life coaching sessions. Left untreated, many psychological problems worsen over time. When treatment is postponed or appointments frequently missed, the client ultimately may require more intense or longer lasting therapy.

Until recently, only in-person therapy was available. However, dramatic advances in communications technology create opportunities for far more convenient high quality therapy through the use of video conferencing. According to a steadily growing body of research, video conference therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. As a direct result, the provision of mental health services via video conferencing has become an increasingly routine component of mental health services delivery throughout the U.S. 

Access to Therapy Network (ATTN) is a leader in this mental health care frontier.  We use the best in video conferencing technology for a synchronized, high quality picture and sound so that both the client and provider connect quickly, easily, and in a manner that feels natural.  Our mental health providers take appointments on short notice, and can meet during daytime or nighttime hours.  Obstacles to in-person treatment such as travel schedules, weather conditions, family and work demands, extra time to get to and from the therapist’s office, waiting room delays, and others, are simply eliminated.  Clients meet with therapists from any location where they have a computer or handheld device, webcam, and access to high speed internet. 

ATTN opens the door to therapy in the comfort and privacy of clients’ own surroundings and according to their scheduling preferences.